The term shin splint is a very vague term. It is generally characterized as pain in the inner or outer shins. It occur in one or both of the lower legs along the tibialis posterior muscle. Normally, it is caused by inflammation of the soft tissue or tendon. It is very common to new runners and runners who progressed too quickly.




I believe shin splints could be solved by progressing your training volume reasonably and lowering the impact of your stride. You could lower the impact of your stride by landing closer to your center of mass and have a quicker cadence. Where your foot lands on the ground is less important; you could still be over-striding while running on your toes. Try to pull with your feet when running longer distances; avoid pushing down forcefully into the ground at the toes. Pushing is metabolically expensive, and it puts a lot of stress on your body.

Secondary methods could be strengthening the muscles in the lower legs by calf raises and toe raises. Balancing also plays an important role in strengthening the little muscles in the leg. Make sure your ankle mobility is good by writing letters with your toes. 

I do not emphasize much on shoes because I think the industry is a scam. As long as you are wearing the right type of shoe, the cushion should not matter much. A shoe’s main purpose is to make sure your feet won’t be scraped up on the concrete. If you can’t run without shoes, then you are missing out. Form and training matters way more than shoes could ever come to.

Icing is good only if you use it strategically. I would not recommend using icing to replace strength and good training; I believe icing is only a temporary treatment. It does not address the root cause.

I do have prior experience on how I had shin splints earlier in the season but then it went away after just pure running. I did not change my strength training, rest, not did I do anything else. I assume the shin just got used to the running. 


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Other Responses:

Ally– I got rid of shin splints by getting stability shoes, shin compression and gaining more muscles. i also do leg strengthening exercises everyday (donkey gifts, leg lifts and calf raises)

Justin Ottesen– Rest, ice, ankle strengthening

Michael Brown– ice, rest, advil if needed, compression sleeves, and icy hot

Beatriz Quintero– Ice, avoid running on cement, and wrapping

Jason Latina– Band exercise, ice baths, lots of rolling

Chris O. DonnellRun backwards for 200m, calf strengthening

Kuriouski (IG Name)- RICE, bands, protein, and strengthening.

Maritza Hernandez– Wearing a brace on ankles, and tiger balm. Elevation and exercises

Brooke Smallwood– Rest, ice, and calf raises, toe walks, and heel walks

Matthew Chow– Toe raises on a ledge

Jordan Vrad– Rest, Xtrain, ice, new shoes with better arch

Matthew– Form change to forefoot running

Mitch Durden– ice and then form change

Liliana Guzman– Foam roll shins and ice/heat

Sean Ginn– Ice and toe curls and toe raises

Ashtin Laxson– Stopped running and then made sure to work out shin muscles. Favorite one is where you lie on the ground and do toe raises with a resistance band.

Max Zeisler– Icing and massage therapy

Jonathan Moore– Rest, shoes, and foam roller

Damian Garcia– Push shin bone to whatever side it is, massaging basically.

Angelo L– Ice, ice and more ice

Tad K. Taylor– Roll out with baseball, but DO NOT stop on sore spots because you will risk more bruising.

Kaysan M-Put some ice and relax. If it gets too severe go see a doctor.

Julian Elliott– Calf sleeves and ice after practice. Or take a week off and swim or ride a bike/stationary.

Kate Miller– Took a week off, cried, iced every day, cried, did some glute strengthening.

Lily Torello– KT tape and “duck outta it”

Adam LaRoche– RICE, rolling, toe raises, and other calf/shin strengthening

Jeremia Wilson– Electro Stim on outside shin muscle, compression socks, calf stretching

Ainsley– ice and shin sleeves and kt tape

Brock Schulte– Lots of calf stretches. You can stand on a bench and let one leg half off to stretch

Katie– toe lifts before and after running

Cade Walder– Calf sleeves

Bryant Edgerton– arch support in my shoes. ICE!

Daniel Pacheco– Compression sleeves, ice, spikey roller

Evic Valcarce– Ice, icy hot, foam rolling, compression sleeves

Jed Wright- Run through em

Ryry Macintyre– I took time off then recorded my running to fix awful form

Mia Brahe-Pederson– Rolled out my calves with a lacrosse ball and icced

Shannon Leary– I didnt (LOL)

Kiri– Taking some time off + strength training

Jonathan Holloway– my coach told me to walk on my heels and that helped a lot

Jacob Braun– Strengthening exercises and ice baths

Farooq Abdul– foam roller on each spot for 1 minute, ice/cold bath &soak for 15 minutes, compression sleeves

Sarah– Walked backwards as much as possible, rest

Derick– Ice, protein (peanut butter), toe flips, and heel walks

Neha Kulkarni– Strengthening of glutes

John– New shoes and lots of milk

Jenna Kindt– It took months of rest, stretching, using a metal scraper and rolling my arch with a lacrosse ball.

Maxwell Phillips– Bio freeze

Lauren Recker– arch supports and cross-training

“Kikilagoat”– Ice, rest, and compression, also if you want to run use a compression sleeve.

Zoe Danko McAlister– Muscle cream that heats up and painkillers as well as rolling out my shins.

Nick El Odeon– Prevent it by landing more on forefoot instead of backfoot

John– give yourself a break or shorten the mileage

Darius Silaghi– massaging calves, icing a lot, I don’t prefer missing workouts, but 1-2 days off might help even more

Luca Parker– Ice and cross training on a bike

Wesley Cunningham– PEMF Treatment

Levi Bates– ibueprofen

Colton Rex O’Briant– New shoes!!!, work on form and make sure im not striking with my heel, ice and slow pace and distance.

Nathan Bentz– run more

Amna Mallick– Ice, KT tape, rolling out before and after workout, biofreeze

Jeven Achatz– walk on your toes and then heels and take it easy in a stationary bike

Abagail Hurd– Always!! Ran on soft surfaces, avoid treadmill and hard floor, track and grass is good. ALternating ice, heat, also warm epsom salt baths. Menthol rub to increase blood flow.

Sal Angelo– As a distance runner, I kept running through it. Stretching and icing will help and it goes away after a week.

Bryan Korecki– lots of ice, running on soft dirt helps ease the pain

Thomas Cler– Ice and taking it easier but still running

Kameron Burkhart– Lots of biofreeze for in season, but out of season rest and stretching

Underdog Track Club– Resistance band exercises, calf raises and rolling out the anterior shin muscles.

Jess Marin– Compression sleeves help but the only way to really get rid of them once and for all is prevention training and if you have them take time off.