A tibial stress fracture is a hairline fracture of the tibia bone in the lower leg caused by overuse or repetitive stress. Symptoms are very similar to ‘shin splints’ with gradual onset pain on the inside of the shin.

Fibula stress fracture is similar, but it is on the fibula bone (the smaller bone of the shin).

Sources: Sports Injury Clinic



Honestly, at this point, just go get it checked out. If you keep on running on small fractures then it could possibly develop into a full blown fracture.


Ally– After running half of an amazing cross country season (i was pring at every meet) I developed a pain on the right side of my right leg. it ran from the top of that bump on your ankle to about half way up my calf. it hurt after my runs but during races didn’t bother me due to adrenaline. i kept running on it because my trainer told me it was ankle tendinitis (i really had a stress reaction) and would improve with stretches and tape. after a week and half of pain i ran at a meet with a lot of hills. when i was finished i was bawling and couldn’t walk or move my ankle. i went home and woke up every twenty minutes due to pain. i found out that i had a stress reaction that turned into a major stress fracture in the fibula. i was in a boot for seven weeks and was devastated. the injury actually opened my eyes to how important recovery runs are, listening to your body, stretching and fueling my body so that i weigh enough and am strong enough to run as much as i was running. while i was in the boot i changed my diet to eating more and eating healthier. i weightlifted and have come back a lot stronger.

Jeremy Gann – Ice every night, using bike as Xtraining

Daniel Lazo– ALWAYS take rest whenever something pops up, calcium helps a lot. (Amazing Formulas Calcium from Amazon)

Thomas Cler– Iced and rest. Used bands to strengthen the legs

Marina Bak-My fracture was caused by running too much too fast. I hurt in during XC season. I was diagnosed with a stress reaction and a stress fracture of the left tibia. I got an MRI and a X-ray to diagnose me. I was told my injury would take 6 weeks to heal. I was on crutches for the first week. Then a boot and a single crutch for the next week. And then just a boot for the following weeks. After 8 weeks I was scheduled for a follow up MRI. I had also gone in to get a CAT scan. The results came back that it still hadn’t healed. I was told to take another 6 weeks in the boot. I had experienced no pain other than the first week so it was frustrating to be out of running for so long. I tried going to some practices and meets with my team during the winter track season. I liked seeing my friends again but I felt so eager to run my event but I obviously couldn’t. Finally came the end of my 14 week injury recovery. I had yet another MRI and thankfully the results came back and said that I was healed. This didn’t mean I could go back to running just yet but I was at least able to get out of the boot. I then went to physically therapy for a month and a half working to strengthen my left ankle mostly but also all my leg muscles. I ran on an Alter G (anti-gravity treadmill). I ran at first with 50% of my body weight and worked my way up to 90% and then I was able to return to running on the actual track. At this point it became spring season. Currently still taking it slow but so far injury free! Hope this helps anyone else who had an injury last longer than expected.