Since I am the sole owner of this website, I am always in need for help! 

The Runpedia is a nonprofit ; all work done is considered volunteering. I do everything with the goal of benefiting the running community; if you have the same goal, this is an opportunity for you to apply your skills! 


  • Editor– Write and edit articles on injury and training topics. 
  • Marketing– Responsible for advertising and SEO for the website.
  • Developer– Develop new web pages and optimize current pages. 
  • Event Organizer– Start and host a local event (races and meetings) to gain recognition for The Runpedia. We plan on putting out fundraisers (such as money for water in Africa and wildfire in Australia) and it would be great for you to help us out!
  • Other– Any other position that you think is needed to make the community better



Hey everyone, my name is Liam and I am a high school runner. I participated in track and field for three years and absolutely love the sport. Right now, I am training for the marathon.

I had two injuries in the course of my running career: Shin splints and IT Band syndrome. The shin splint resulted from inconsistent training, and the ITBS was from a mechanical flaw. What really inspired me to make this site was my experience with the ITBS. 

When I first started researching for ITBS, Google gave me the conventional injury treating method. On paper, this sounded great, it has everything I need. However, it was not until lots of trial and error that I found out that none of these tips are going to help if I do not fix my form. My knee was collapsing in with each stride, and no amount of “RICE” is going to fix that. I spent a lot of time doing research, and I wished that someone could just tell me what is wrong. This is exactly why I made this site. I believe that every injury is a lesson learned, and this lesson should also be shared with other runners. 

Liam Du runner